Festive season and high streets

Hopefully you are all enjoying the beginning of the festive season. This year I am getting some easy options for presents because Oxford St is like a battlefield, so I am staying local. It is more rewarding to buy from your local shops because otherwise our high streets will be devoid of all the little convenience shops. There is an excellent local book shop, it may be a tiny bit more than buying on line, but I am looking to the future of my High St. Maybe it is the same everywhere but all the junk shops have closed. People are probably too well off to but the kind of second hand junk we started with. You could furnish a flat with £100, you had to style it up yourself, but it was fun January 2015. well, this is always a quiet month, the cold weather doesn’t make you want to go out buying. There are very few auctions or fairs. Keep your powder dry for the spring.

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