Newark Antiques fair

Sorry this is a late update but my computer suffered from problems that took a long time to sort out. i was also unable to load up any new pictures of interesting items. However, you will see some delicious new comers now. There will be an addition of a delightful enamel etui over the weekend. We did the Newark Antiques fair on June 5th but the weather was grey and rainy and there was not a buoyant buying mood. The general feeling was April had been a lot better. Attendance could have been affected by the opening of Olympia Art and Antiques fair was on the same day. I went to Olympia fair on Sunday and admired some of the beautiful art and antiques there were for sale. The standard is high, but you can buy if you really know your field. I did! The recent prices realised in the US for a magnificent sewing tool collection were high indeed. I issue a word of warning when buying from auction without viewing. There is a growing habit of not mentioning damage unless you ask specifically.

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