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The Bleasedale auction

The Bleasedale auction of sewing tools went well and some very high prices realised.If you want to see the prices, go on to the auction website and scroll down until you find ‘results’ in a pdf file. Click on ‘results’ and then print the list off. You will need a catalogue to go with the list as the lots are in numbers only without any descriptions. I found it strange to see items I had once sold in my shop coming under the hammer. I am happy to say that on larger single items owners received profits. I would suggest to collectors that excellent as auctions are, you may pay more because you are bidding against other collectors. Of course this is excellent if you are selling! Collectors should remember that by striking up a good working relationship with a dealer, items from private collections may come their way at competitive prices owing to not having to pay the 25% added by most auctions. Dealers rely on their reputations, it is a world of honour, which can be valuable to any collector. There is a personal responsibility from vendor, to dealer, to buyer which you won’t find elsewhere. That three link chain has formed most of the great collections in art and antiques.

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