Woman on a bicycle.

A collector of anything connected with cycling, Lorne Shields, called on our stand this sunny Saturday in November 2018. He showed me a Regency mug cir 1830, with a woman riding one of the earliest type of bicycles with three wheel at the back and one at the front. He also told me about the skirt lifts made to hold skirts in place, that failed to secure the skirt owing to the impediment of the cross bar on a woman's bike. We have all heard of the rare bicycle thimble by James Fenton, now worth lots of money. There are more interesting overlaps if you can visit 'Historic Bicycling & Cycling photographic archives & museum' correspondence to 298 John St Post Office box 87588 or visit 2315 whirlpool St suite 218 Niagara Falls, NY 14305. USA

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