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Palais Royal sewing box with steel handle

  • Palais Royal sewing box cir 1789/90.

    Inside the box are matching mother of pearl tools decorated with tiny red and green enamel drops. The oval enamel pansy trade mark is on  some tools as well as the drops of enamel. The box is red ridged  leather, with steel studs, and steel handle. A mirror is inside under the lid. All in excellent condition. 

  • Palais Royal sewing box c.1790.

    All matching tools with a rare decoration of red and green enamel droplets. Also the trade mark enamel pansy on some items. Bed ridged leather box with steel carrying handle and steel studs decorating each end of the box. A mirror inside the lid. All in excellent pristine condition. Size approx 6ins or 12 cms.

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