Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. January is a mixed month in the Portobello. the weather has been terrible but usually that does not deter late holiday makers, dedicated collectors or dealers who have been bored over the holidays and need a fix of antiques. However, this January was not as busy as most, maybe the weather was worse? But last year we had deep snow, freezing cold and yet more sales? Always hard to read the runes correctly. Matters of display comes up quite often. If you have an ultra modern decor then a few antiques add an exciting contrast. It is like watching living history. If you don’t mix your periods it can look impersonal, just the work of a clever designer rather than personal to you. There can be a sense of inpermanence without the odd antique as if you are waiting for the Estate agent. I love the Art and Antiques fair at Battersea, it is always an inspiration. I believe in [asking permission] taking photos of any ‘look’ you like and keeping it for inspiration. I am clearing out every drawer and cupboard in our home to de-clutter so I can add in a few more lovely objects. Have an enjoyable Spring clean.

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