‘Hong Kong’ silver thimble

A letter regarding the maker of the ‘Hong Kong’ silver thimble made to commemorate the handing over of Hong-Kong to the Chinese. The information kindly supplied by Wynneth from the American ‘Thimble Guild’. Dear Bridget, I contacted the Birmingham Assay Office for the information about the silversmith initials of HAJ. I received a reply this morning. HAJ is Henley Associated Jewellers. I thought you might like to have the information in case someone else asked you. Again, I do appreciate your help. You have always been very kind to help in these matters. I also wanted to mention to you, I have your book The Story of the Thimble. I just love this book because the pictures are just perfect and the information is so helpful. You did a wonderful job and I just wanted to thank you. I do hope all is well. Thank you again. Wynneth Mullins. USA.

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