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Lincoln Cathedral Thimble

Just a quick happy Xmas message or happy holiday wishes to everyone. If you have time, look at the new little boxed set in sewing sets-stock number D196. It contains such delicious items. The tape was made to celebrate the wedding to queen Victoria to Prince Albert in 1840. The emery is Windsor castle. The thimble is rare. I have never seen Lincoln Cathedral on a thimble before. This one sparkles with exquisite detail, in silver made cir 1840. The interesting thing is it has a tiny ‘crab’ punch on the rim. The crab is usually the French punch for silver from the provinces. It was sometimes used on imported items, to prove the quality of the silver conformed to French standards. The original owner may have travelled to England and bought some souvenirs including a thimble from Lincoln Cathedral beloved by the French as it was originally built by the Norman, Hugh of Burgundy. Dec 20th 2013. A fantastic collection of sweing tools is coming up for auction on Sunday Jan 12th 2014. It is the collection of Hanne Buktas, auction house Theriault’s Marquis auction weekend in Newport Beach California USA. . get a catalogue and drool all over the holidays.

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