Am getting ready for Newark this Thursday. Always exciting, especially as I have goods that have been saved for me. Problem is I will have to do the queue and then gallop to my meeting place to leave plenty of time for my contact to sell to the next client if I do not want to buy everything. I say ‘want’ I really mean afford! How ever tempting the items, my bank manager is horribly stringent and will only allow me so much lee way even though I tell him I am single handedly boosting the economy.

Portobello was decent this Saturday, a delightful young man looking for an engagement ring was my last customer. He had taken so long to make up his mind the Admiral Vernon was closing. I don’t fancy being shut in for the night. This afternoon I went to the last day of the Decorative art and Antiques fair in Battersea. Gorgeous as usual, still showing the soft French shabby chic look alongside the sharper lines of teak 50s furniture. The steel industrial style lighting is still hanging up overhead of a scrubbed wood farm house furniture, the look is eclectic. More on Newark next week.

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