I have not written my monthly newsletter from ‘Mailchimp’ yet, I am waiting for some interesting new items to arrive for members to see. Anyone who wants to receive the monthly letter, just email me your address and I will add in your name. Portobello has been quiet, I think in anticipation of Newark this week. Last week was the Decorative Arts fair as well as the magnificent antiques fair held in Berkeley Square. What a great way to spend an entire day. There is so much to see and so much to learn. I wanted to know how a deep, high polish on a wood table was achieved without French Polishing which I find too modern and glassy. It is a matter of heating the wood using a flame thrower tool turned low and held at a fair distance. The warmth allows the wood to absorb the applied beeswax. Then you polish up with more warm bees wax on a soft duster. You can do this several times, it gives your arms a good work out! The effect is magical and brings the dullest surface to life but you need to practice to achieve the correct distance as you might burn the wood.

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