Apologies for this tardy letter. I am in the midst of changing over my webpage soft ware. It takes a long time to transfer every image onto my new site. There seem to be 20 clicks to move thimble.Olympia was gorgeous as usual, but less exhibitors than usual. I believe there were 140 stands. It used to be 300 at least. The upper floor has been given a lift by having stands at a more reasonable rent instead of making it the Gold Section. I saw a delightful stand called The Old Corkscrew manned by charming Jeremy Astfalck from South Africa. He was selling affordable small objets de vertu. If there could be more small stands with specialities it would be more fun. The furniture on display, though magnificent is often too large to fit in the urban flats of today. I have added some new items at last the scene is upon us. With the problem of Greece with such an uncertain future which will affect the rest of Europe, fingers crossed for this years trading.

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