Olympia Art and Antiques Fair

The most famous Art and Antiques Fair opened at Olympia this June. The fair opened Wednesday 20th and closed on Wednesday June 27th, problematically, the entire week coincided with an unexpected heat wave in Britain, following a late wet and cold spring. According to exhibitors the fair was not as well attended as usual and in some publications there was an error printed in the dates of the fair. The general feeling was certain production details need to be reconsidered, such as the entrance to the fair, the upper gallery where antiques were mixed with food stands and advertising seemed at a minimum. It is also the age old problem of expenses rising while sales decline and the hot weather did not help. However, a solution may be on it’s way, in that the fair managers are considering re-introducing the ‘Rat Run’ into the next Olympia fair. That was a line of cheaper specialist stand holder [the Thimble Society among them] along the back of the fair. When the fair opened, there was always a stampede to the ‘Rat Run’ where the interesting bargains were to be had. Fingers crossed it will happen again.

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