The new website is now launched. My goodness it was much more difficult and took longer than estimated. Previously the website was on a PC but transferring to Apple Mac made it easier for my website arranger. When he told me it was easy I should not have believed him so easily. It was as easy as changing your Bank. You know what I mean. A charming couple from Moscow came into the Portobello on Saturday. The wife collected bead work and bought a beadwork purse cir 1850. She told me to get a book on Russian bead work and embroidery designs, by Elena Yurova. Amazon have second hand copies, new it is over £100. The high price may be due to lots of colour illustrations and a small print run. August is the holiday month, where ever you are going, bring back some news on Museums visited, antiques found, fairs etc. Put them on the blog. Bridget

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