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Winter Olympia and NEC Fairs

This week sees the opening of the Winter Olympia Art and Antiques fair. Followed next week by the NEC winter antiques fair in Birmingham. these two winter fair mark the end of the big antiques fairs calender until the Spring. There is a race envisaged for the dealers who are doing both fairs as they will have to pack from Olympia and speed up the motorway to set up in Birmingham. Now the clocks have changed it means alot of travelling in the dark from 4pm onwards. Oh why do we have to have this silly time change left over from the war! November 22nd 2013. The main important antiques fairs in London and Birmingham are now over. Winter Olympia had shrunk a little though full of beautiful items but very few small collectables. Because it is so expensive to stand at a major fair it becomes harder for sellers of small items to make enough profit to pay expenses. The NEC Birmingham Winter Art and Antiques fair suffers from the same problem of shrinkage due to high expenses and the difficulty of finding top class stock at affordable prices. If any of you want to follow my @Portobello Diary’ join me every two weeks on Please leave a comment in the ‘replies’ box at the end of the blog.

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