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Boxes F211

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    Boxes. Late 18th century sewing box in the form of a piano. The wood is ‚flame or feathered‚ in a natural pattern. There are two ormolu escutcheons and four black painted legs. size approx 9 ins or 30cms or 1ft long and 20cms across.

    The front lid opens to show a keyboard with wood painted keys. the keyboard lifts out to show the musical movement. There is a key, which fits the keyhole when you lift the box. It plays a delightful tune with embellishments for a good few minutes.

    The main lid opens to show a silk cushion in a piano shape, which in turn lifts off to show the mother-of-pearl and gold tools. All in good condition. An 18ct gold thimble, a m.o.p. ear spoon and tooth pick, a cut glass scent bottle, a quiver shaped needle case, ready to send the arrows of love. Two pairs of scissors, one steel, one mother-of-pearl with birds necks entwined. Stiletto, silver bodkin, two m-o-p spools, a little round gold box with a m-o-p top and a ‚snow flake‚ m.0.p winder. The little silk flowers and the velvet is in very good condition.

    Stock number: F211.

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