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Gold thimble with stone top. Palais Royal letter seal

  • Gold thimble with stone top

    Probably made in Scandinavia, possibly in David Anderson's work shop cir 1890-1910. Excellent condition.

  • Mother-of-pearl letter seal with enamel pansy ,

  • Mother-of-Pearl hand held letter seal.

    Very unusual Palais Royal letter seal, decorated with the Palais Royal Pansy symbol. Excellent condition, approx 7cms/3 ins.

  • Rare Mother-of-pearl letter seal with enamel pansy

    Approx 3ins/5cms excellent condition. With the Palais Royal symbol of the enamel Pansy in the centre. The Pansy flower translates in French to Pensee, So the giver is asking the recipient to remember. 


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