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  • Painting of roses in a Chinese porcelain mug

    Unsigned, possible under the frame. The Scottish Colourists school

    cir 1915s-1990s. Full blown pink roses bloom from a Chinese mug or vase, and a white cup and saucer with gilded border.  

  • oil painting on a panel 29/39 cms. 15/20ins

    Scottish School, Possibly signed under the frame.

    Cir 1900/1950 . Glowing colours and confident brush strokes

    typical of exponents of the Scottish School of painters.

  • Oil painting on panel. Roses in a Chinese Mug

    Glowing coulers, typical of the Scottish School cir 1930-1960s.  Size including frame

    29/39cms or 15/20 ins. Possibly signed under frame. 

    A vibrant accomplished artist.

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