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Silver Palais Royal fitted sewing box

  • Silver and mother of pearl Palais Royal sewing box

    Elegant fruit wood box containing a complete set of mother of pearl sewing tools all in excellent condition contained in an elegant box, with a gentle bombe curve. The embnroidery  is fresh with colour of flowers. 

    French c.1830. The box is raised on four little steel feet to match the steel decoration on the lid, with it;s carrying handle.

  • Silver sewing tools, Palais Royal sewing box.

    Every thing inside and outside is in excellent condition. The same black marks that are in the lid mirror are caused by the mercury leaking caused by oxygen leaking. It is proof of it being the original glass, possibly kept in a cool climate. You can have the mirror changed but it is inadvisible because todays mirror glass is so much heavier and thicker. 

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