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Chatelaine c.1780. Agate and 18ct gold, fitted tools.

  • Magnificent gold and agate 18th cen chatelaine.

    Carved blue agate mounted with 18 ct gold with all complete 18ct gold sewing tools inside. The little hooks either side were for a watch and a watch key. It is a beautiful example in wonderful condition with a near perfect look. Approx 6ins 12cms, price on demand due to the previous 

    owner's preferrence. Extra photos provided and viewing in Portobello. 

  • 18th century 18ct gold and agate chatalaine

    18th cen gold chatalaine. Complete tools for sewing, all matching in 18ct gold. The little side hooks are for a watch and key. The main hook can be hooked to a belt , waistcoat or skirt. The price is on demand due to a wish for privacy from the former owner. More photos can be provided or a viewing in Portobello by appointment.  

    It is a very beautiful near perfect example.

  • Agate and 18c gold. Cir 1780. Complete set of tool

    Magnificent Chatelaine in 18c gold, inside the agate case are a complete set of sewing and useful implements. The condition is 

    immaculate. Price on application.

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