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A selection of antique gold pendants and lockets.

Each item is priced individually - please enquire.

Selection of pendants and lockets

  • a Selection of lockets and pendants

    A selection of antique pendants and lockets, mostly c. 1930-40

    All are gold, with gold chains and gemstones. Prices from £150-£350.

  • a selection of antique gold lockets and pendants.

    Each jewelery item is priced from £80 to £280. All come with a gold chain. All in excellent condition. Please enquire for prices.

  • Pendants

    Each pendant is antique, either 9 or 18 ct gold or silver.

    The stones are gem stones. Prices start from £80 to £250.

  • Selection of gold lockets and pendants

    There is a large stock of antique gold and gem set items. Lockets,

    pendants, necklaces long and short. A choice of gold chains of different lengths. Please enquire by email or in person. Then you

    may try them on, makes it easier to choose. 

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