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Thimbles F323

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    Thimble. Extremely rare souvenir thimble. Silver, celebrating the first passenger train in the U.K. The train was called ‚The Novelty‚ . It was made cir 1804 by Richard Trevethic. the passenger ‚carriages‚ were called ‚carriages‚ or ‚coaches‚ because they were designed taking inspiration from horse drawn carriages. You can see the little carriages with tiny people sitting facing each other with no roof to them. The train was first driven in Cornwall in 1804 then in 1808. A metal silver plated commemorative thimble was made cir 1808, also a silver version, made in Paris by French silver smith. The silver example has a different, elegant look reminiscent of a French thimble. Silver ones were made in at least 3 sizes. Standard, small [child‚s] and tiny [doll‚s].

    Stock number: F323.

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