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At last we have caught up. Saturdays have been very busy recently, I can only imagine it is related to the weak pound. we have had dealers from as far afield as Norway, unusual. There were dealers and collectors from Holland, Japan, Quatar, America to name a few. It is a mini United Nations, some dealers have done well enough to take on a double stand which is a bold move as none of us know how long the buying frenzy will last. At the moment it is exciting.

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

I have received about 4 more email address’s but i am sure there are more interested collectors out there who might be glad of extra info on sales coming up, of new discoveries in the antiques world, and new dealers arriving as some of the old guard sadly retire. Went to National Theatre production of Sondheim’s musical ‘Follies,’ inspirational as 50% of the cast, all singing all dancing, are over 60! Think of matinees and evening performances on Saturdays.

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